Thursday, 19 March 2009

Moviestorm 1.1.5 delayed

On Tuesday, we told you:
Moviestorm 1.1.5 is now going through its final checks, and, assuming we find no last-minute nasties, should be released in the next couple of days.
Well, guess what? We found last-minute nasties. Big, nasty ones. Like a little bug where rendering a movie is liable to crash your PC. Which it didn't do on Monday, but something we fixed since then seems to have broken everything in a big, big, and very nasty way. And sadly, that's not the only one. So there's no way we can release it as it is.

I'd love to tell you that it'll be fixed next week, but as we told you last week, engineering supremo and Chief Architect of the Virtual Universe Dave Lloyd is going to be in San Francisco, and this one looks like this is going to take his oh-so-special skills to sort out. So the plain truth is that, barring a miracle, 1.1.5 almost certainly won't be out for a couple more weeks. And that means the Criminals pack won't be out either, because it needs the new features in 1.1.5 or it won't work.

We're still hopin' for a miracle...

So, well, I know the current dictum is "never apologise", but, umm, sorry.

But hey - at least we know the guys in QA are doing their jobs!

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Craig A. Rintoul said...

You getting it right is far more important than us getting it!