Thursday 10 September 2015

New releases

We are pleased to announce the release of a 1.7.1 patch, and two new environment-based content packs ...

Content Packs


Create thoroughly modern cityscapes, with a generous leaning towards Manhattan and Hong Kong, using a selection of skyscrapers and buildings, street furniture and our interpretation of Liberty Island.
Customizable buildings, props, ground textures, and skylines combine to offer a multitude of variety in this colourful urban pack.
Rent for a month for 50 MSP
Purchase for 500 MSP
Go to the Metropolis content page to see more


A collection of buildings, structures and props, ideal to create enclosed sets, from Asian temples to historic towns and country vineyards.
Customizable temples, towers, buildings, statues, ornaments and foliage combine to offer a broad selection of potential set styles in this varied architectural pack.
Rent for a month for 50 MSP
Purchase for 500 MSP
Go to the Courtyards content page to see more


New features

  • The prop customizer allows you to detach a prop from its parent or children props, so it can be moved or deleted separately
  • Content pack meshpacks are only assigned memory when the content pack is first used; this should substantially reduce the likelihood of running out of address space for people using a lot of content packs.
  • Movie scenarios and stock sets can now have a list of content packs that are needed to load them.
  • Support for Courtyards and Metropolis content packs.

Resolved issues

  • Shadows should work correctly on props that have a texture transformation (and on the Dance floor)
  • Rescaling the Nav Mesh should work better (previously it didn't scale the walkable bit for purposes of connecting to the floor)
  • Playing the drum kit should work correctly after reloading the movie (the drum kit and drummer were vanishing in the Cutting Room and Render)
  • Camera UI now works after replacing the set with a different set from stock.
  • Modder's workshop default gesture names now begin with Gestures/ so that they correctly appear in the gesturizer
  • Modder's workshop addon filter should work with our published addons that have components in the ModdersWorkshop addon
Go to the Release Notes page to read more