Monday 24 September 2012

Moviestorm 1.5.3 nearly ready

We're currently finalizing the release of Moviestorm 1.5.3.  If all goes well, it'll be ready by the end of this week. Here are the highlights of what we're hoping it will include (note that some items may not ship if they fail final QA):

New features

  • Look At now has a customizer which allows you to change the duration of the look at blend, where on the target the character is looking, and to do the look at with just the head, just the eyes, or both the head and eyes
  • Switching between the Cutting Room and the Camera View or Director's View keeps the timeline position, if the Cutting Room is showing a view of the scene.
  • Ceilings now cast shadows, provided Interior lighting is disabled.
  • The Script Editor now has a 'clear timeline' option when right clicking on the current scene, which removes all activities in that scene.
  • The prop customizer in the set workshop now has an option to stop a prop casting shadows. This will also stop it reducing shadowmap quality, which can otherwise happen for props near the edges of your scene.
  • The 'Home' key now centers the view.

Bug fixes

  • The 'Dead' mood now prevents any automatic look at activities, or any improvisation.
  • Very long (eg over 6 min) clips now display correctly on the Cutting Room timeline.
  • The say record buttons are now play/stop buttons rather than having a separate stop.
  • Loading a multi-scene movie that was saved in the Cutting Room will go straight to the Cutting Room rather than asking which scene to go to then going to the Cutting Room.
  • Having a broken video in your movie no longer stops it from loading.
  • When changing the duration of a walk, it should move later activities along to provide space.
  • When using the image browser, images over 4 megapixels now warn the user to resize them, rather than risking breaking Moviestorm.
  • Remove mark now works on marks that do not have an associated walk.
  • When taking screenshots in the Camera View with the snapshot button, the resulting images now include depth of field.
  • The cel-shading tick box on the lighting settings no longer overrides the movie cel-shading tick box on the script settings unless you tell it to.
  • Memory leak fix: Moviestorm no longer holds onto copies of videos that were used as previews, or that were used on the Cutting Room timeline, or that were deleted.
  • Modders workshop: changed the 'Move to' menu so that you can scroll through the list of addons.
  • Modders workshop: fixed the 'Browse' button so that it works for props that have spaces in their folder names.