Monday 17 March 2014

New Moviestorm Education 1.6 goes live to further support flipped learning!

Further to the recent 1.6 patch release, we have settled on 1.6.3 as the build to support our education users through 2014.


The new 1.6 release includes loads of new features to support teaching and learning, such as:
  • The ability to click a button and create a .sharedmovie file is essential for collaborative student projects and for templates for their students to adapt. Importantly too, Moviestorm now manages the import process, advising and director the user to any missing Moviestorm or mod content, and if required, replacing assets with placeholder objects where necessary, to ensure that if you need to open that file, you can.
  • Improved UI elements and better auto-improvisation make film creation faster and more intuitive.
  • The Modder’s Workshop is now faster, and Modders to assign licences to their packs.

For a complete list of all the feature enhancements, check out the release notes on our website.

For users with current Moviestorm Education installations, who would like to install 1.6, please follow the guidance on our support website.