Monday 4 August 2008

twak away!

i'm very sad to announce my retirement from Shortfuze since last Thursday. It's been a lot of fun (for a while i was the second programmer on Moviestorm) with a great community (the Machinima people around the net rock) and one hell of a kick-arse team.

It's high time I went to do something new - I'm heading back to university to research computer graphics. It should be a lot of fun (apart from the stinky pay)... I'm sure there's a new programmer around Cambridge waiting in the wings to take my place - any takers?

I was trying to make a fairwell film, but failed due to shoddy time constraints (and lack of coca). so just imagine for a moment twak waking from his bed at night and fleeing down a corridor - persued by one/some/more of the following:
  • an endless barrage of pink and orange shirts from management
  • the sf gent's toilet
  • endless torrents of abuse from the red hot ball of anger at the desk next to me
  • buttons ;)
he was going to get to a window and climb out through the 'o' in shortfuze and then run off to the ivory towers of academia. (But we don't have climb through winow anims or ivory towers, yet...)

I'm off for a summer holiday now - to play in the "sunshine" with my camera and new bike :)