Friday 8 June 2012

Swordfighting preview

It's been a long time in the works, involving a whole load of rewritten code in areas we didn't expect, and a complete new version of Moviestorm, but finally the sword fighting pack is ready for release. We're currently in the process of wrapping everything up, sending it to the server, and checking the download, and we'll have it for you some time next week, priced 2000 MSP.

The pack includes two characters, the swordsman and swordswoman, a collection of swords and shields, and a huge collection of animations. And, to recreate that authentic Ren Faire atmosphere, there's a medieval tent and flagpoles.

Here's a first look at what you can do and how to use it.

For best effect, combine it with the medieval packs from Moddingstorm, which include more costumes, hairstyles, beards, horses and a castle. They're available together as the Medieval Addon Collection, which saves you 25% over buying them individually.