Wednesday 24 August 2011

Construction Assets

We're in the process of testing a few building site assets that may soon be distributed with the Bonus Content pack (unless we decide to go for a bespoke Construction Pack), to help users create construction scenes within Moviestorm (as illustrated by the image shown, kindly provided by warmanivan).
The general idea is to slowly provide quite a diverse selection of more abstract props and costumes, allowing all you Moviestormers to create content of any genre. As always, we keep a close eye on all the forum threads and support emails, along with all the other methods of communication to get a feel for what our users want us to produce next. Keep those requests coming, they are all noted, even if we don't respond immediately!

Monday 8 August 2011

Another sword fighting teaser.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting here at Moviestorm Towers, with the checklist of bugs and features for the next version of Moviestorm being slowly crossed off.
One major piece of functionality that we've been promising for a while is the ability for two characters to interact with one another whilst using held props. Moviestorm uses animation blending to fill in the gaps between poses so that the characters don't "snap" from one pose to another, but when a character moves out of position and has to blend back to "Idle" all sorts of horrible things happen. Add the extra complexity of held props claiming a characters joint resources and the system often gets confused ...
Well, the times are a-changin'.
The code is now in place to support the Fantasy Swords pack (among others), meaning that held prop activities can be used to their full potential!
Ivan has been playing around with the new code for a little while without unearthing any major problems, and has even put together this stylish little teaser to hint at what's coming soon ...

Monday 1 August 2011

Bonus Content Update - ATM/ Cash Machine.

Hi Moviestormers!
There is now an update available for the Bonus Content pack that include a couple of ATM's (or cash machines, if you're from the UK) and some animations so that your characters can use them. As usual with the Bonus Content, your pack will automatically update when you next restart Moviestorm. If you haven't yet applied for your Bonus Content license, you can do so at the bottom of the following page: Bonus Content Marketplace page
Please note that trial users do not have access to the Bonus Content pack.