Thursday 23 August 2012

After iPad, what next?

As you've probably seen, we've just released our Moviestorm iPad app. It's an important step for the company, which we hope will bring movie-making to a whole new generation of people.

We've had a few questions from people about where this will lead next, so we figured we'd take a few minutes to reply.

Will there be an Android version?
We're certainly planning on it. There are some technical issues we need to sort out, since we haven't developed for Android before and it's not quite the same as iPad, even though using Unity means we're already most of the way there. We're currently trying to decide whether to do it all in-house, bring someone into the team, or contract it out. 

Will there be an iPad 1 version?
We were hoping to have an iPad 1 version from the get-go. However, it turned out that the iPad 1 wasn't really up to the job, so we're having to create a different, lighter version for that platform. We'll probably have to go with more cartoony characters, and make some other changes to the art. Once we've figured out exactly what we need to do to run on the iPad 1, we can see whether already we've got everything we need to put an iPad 1 app together quickly, or whether it's going to take more than that.

Is that it for the iPad?
Not at all. We wanted to start with something very straightforward just to prove to ourselves we could do it. There were a lot of features we wanted to put into this first version that were left out because of time, or because we were still getting used to the limitations of the platform and finding out how to make the best of it.  For example, you can't add in a music track or use pre-recorded audio. We're already thinking about what will get put into it next - it'll depend on what's easiest and quickest.

Are you still supporting the PC & Mac versions?
Of course! We're working on a new update to Moviestorm right now, which includes some performance enhancements and bug fixes.

The iPad app and the desktop app are two very different products, even though they're based on the same principles and technology. The iPad app is designed for quick, easy movie-making, or doing stuff when mobile, but it has its limitations. Moviestorm itself is for people who want to spend longer on their movies, or who want to do more complex things. We're hoping that some of the people who use the iPad app will want to do more with their movies, and will see what they can do with the desktop version: conversely, some of the people who found Moviestorm too complex will find that the iPad app does all they need, and for a much lower price.

What's coming out next?
A good question. That's a lot of different projects for a small team. We're currently reviewing all our options, and then we'll decide how to proceed. (And we're moving into a new office next week, so things are even more chaotic than usual.) Right now, the answer is we're not really sure yet. 

Hope that answers some of your questions. We'll keep you posted.