Monday 3 September 2007

Windows to Mac in no time flat

Yep Moviestorm now runs on a Mac. It doesn't render out to a movie yet until I get Quicktime working (but we're most of the way there). No lipsync yet either as that comes from a third party library but we 're hoping that will be along soon. Right now only on Intel (next job is to learn how to build Universal binaries).

The best bit is that it really didn't take much effort to get this far (about 4 fairly lazy evenings all told). Java & OpenGL makes porting from Windows to Mac pretty trivial. A few native libraries to rebuild (and the main time with that was learning about the non-standard gcc options on the Mac) and some Microsoft-isms to eliminate (replace \ path separators with / and similar). There were a few deeper bugs that had me scratching my head for a while but nothing too nasty.

So when we've got the rendering and lipsync issues sorted out, we'll have a beta of Moviestorm for all you Mac fans out there - early October with a bit of luck.

[edit: twak] you can download moviestorm for the mac here