Tuesday 19 April 2011

Where'd we go?

The UK is going into standby mode for a couple of weeks.

This weekend is Easter, so we all get a holiday on Good Friday and Easter Monday. Then we have a three-day week, and on Friday 29th the whole country gets the day off to watch the Royal Wedding. And then the first Monday in May is our traditional May Day Bank Holiday, and we all get to go back to work on Tuesday, May 3 with king-size hangovers.

Not surprisingly, as many people as possible are taking a few days off next week so that they can get eleven days off and only take three days out of their holiday allowance. As a result, everything is going to be a little quiet around the office, so don't be surprised if it takes us longer than usual to respond to support queries.

Friday 8 April 2011

New Smartphone – free for paying customers.

We are giving away a Smartphone for your Moviestorm scenes, with a collection of animations so that your characters can now call, take photos, swipe the phone's screen and other related actions! The phone also features a tintable case and four screen variations.

If you have a current Moviestorm subscription (permanent or periodically), you can download this item free. Just go to the free asset page to download it!

Monday 4 April 2011

Modding section of the site goes live!

As promised on Friday, we've been working hard on hosting our previous tutorials on the website in a new Modding section, which I can now announce as live!
In addition to the more complicated Max to Moviestorm workflow, we've also created a quick Sketch-up tutorial to make sure that we cater for everyone.
You can find the new section of the website by going to modding and we'll be updating this section very shortly to provide even more information about importing your own assets into Moviestorm.

Friday 1 April 2011

New modding tutorials coming soon!

The new website is starting to stabilize and the staff at Moviestorm Towers are beginning to get a feel for the new "engine", and how it's going to help us get more information to you, so that you can use Moviestorm to its fullest potential.

As the new engine allows any company member to create and edit pages, I thought it would be a good idea to put this to the test by means of a practical task. We're always trying to encourage our users to get into modding but it's obviously quite difficult to get started without some guidelines and tips... So, after a quick introduction on how the web interface works, we started to put together a very concise "How To" section of the website, especially dedicated to people who are trying to get their own content into Moviestorm (please see the attached image).

We're hoping to get these pages live at some point next week, and they will include tutorials on every aspect of Moviestorm Modding, from importing images, through Google Sketchup and finally some really in depth stuff for all you Max, Blender, Milkshape gurus.

For those of you who want a quick preview of the kind of stuff we'll be featuring, please take a look at the following video...

Watch this space!