Thursday 26 January 2012

New Content Pack: Classroom.

Here's a great pack for any scenarios that you need to create that have classrooms, students or education in general.

There's a sizeable selection of school uniforms, school furniture and teaching stock in this new pack (such as books, an interactive whiteboard, stationary and other props). We’ve also included some useful animations to allow your characters to play out their roles as teachers and students, and you can portray any subject or topic by simply changing the whiteboard’s main image.

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New update: Moviestorm 1.5.1

It’s usual for us to launch a patch soon after a major release, but this one is slightly different . . .
In addition to the usual bug fixes that inevitably need resolving when the software is exposed to an ever-increasing combination of hard ware and software, we have had time to get a couple of very useful feature requests implemented, that we hope will really help your workflow and improve stability.
Firstly, we now have a working Google SketchUp wizard for the Mac version of the Modder’s Workshop. This means that users of both Mac and PCs will no-longer have to change workstations to import a Google Warehouse model, as they can now bring the asset into Moviestorm on both platforms.
In addition to this, we have added a single level undo to the Terrain Editor, so that you can’t ruin an otherwise perfectly sculpted terrain with an accidental brush stroke.
Many of the costumes have been tweaked so that their foot-fall sounds (footstep audio), so that characters will now sound correct when walking on a variety of floor types. The WebM importer has been altered so that videos that contain no sound can be successfully imported and improvements have been made to the way Moviestorm handles navmeshes (especially with the Extra Large Set), so you shouldn’t experience any crashes, and you should now be able to navigate from one navmesh to another.
Lastly, copying scenes in your movie works correctly again, and we’ve updated the printable cheat sheets so that they are up to date with the latest UI changes.
We hope you all enjoy the new version (which is an optional update, so that you can choose to update or not), and we’ll soon have news of some new content to add to your libraries!

There's also an updated user manual available here.