Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Ain't technology wonderful? Following our posts showing Moviestorm movies running on the PSP, and then under the defiantly mediocre YouTube client on the G1, long-time Moviestorm ForgeUK has sent us a photo of his iPod. Can you guess what's on the screen?

There are lots of ways to show off your Moviestorm movies, from the tiny to the tremendous. So come on - who can out-geek ForgeUK? Tell you what: I'll offer a prize right here and now of a few hundred Moviestorm Points to the person who sends me a photo of Moviestorm (or a Moviestorm movie) running on the most bizarre device. Send your photos to johnnie D-O-T ingram .at. moviestorm D-O-T co D-O-T uk, or just post a comment with a link to the image.

Want to see some of the movies that ForgeUK has on his iPod? Take a look at his Moviestormer page.

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