Friday, 16 January 2009

Whaddya mean, stereotypes?

So you've got the Law and Order pack, right? (Right?) And now you have lots of upright guardians of the law to deal with the foul miscreants who populate our streets. But who are those evil, drug-dealing, gun-running criminals they're going to be arresting?

Step forward, Luther and Mark, who will shortly be making an appearance at a Moviestorm store near you. Or in a jail cell. Or in a music video. It's up to you.

Work in progress shots from the desk of Chris Ollis. More outfits to come, more texture variants, and, oooh, other stuff. When it's ready...


Will Shetterly said...

Hoods up! Forget crime, that'll be great for winter!

Kate Fosk said...

Love the folds in the mask, nice work! -Kate