Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Dave likes 'em big. Screens, that is. He wasn't impressed with us showing Moviestorm movies on tiny little screens like Jeff's Nokia N78, David's Blackberry and iPod Touch, Johnnie's Android or Chris's PSP. You see, Dave likes to watch your movies on the biggest screen he can find. This is his home cinema setup, showing Saving Grace in HD on a screen about six feet wide. And believe me, it's quite a stunning experience.

(Now I'm wishing I'd grabbed a photo from last year's Cambridge Film Festival where we showed some of your movies on a real full-size cinema screen. Now that was truly awesome.)

World of Warcraft also looks impressive played on Dave's screen, as you'd expect. I don't even play the game, but I have to admit that some of the sequences are absolutely stunning when you see them that huge.

Running Moviestorm on it, and making movies on a giant screen is a very strange experience. It makes for a great editing environment, where you can really step back from your film. You get a very different sense of the atmosphere when you see the footage at that size, compared to looking at it on even a large monitor. And, as I've mentioned before, all the imperfections leap out at you when you're working with a huge image and chunky speakers. It's absolutely the opposite to having a movie studio on your lap, as you get with the EEE PC.

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twak said...

now if we only knew where dave lived - he'd find a horde of unwashed nerds camping out in his cinema whenever he went to the office :P