Tuesday, 20 January 2009

It's not the size that matters, it's what you do with it that counts

The first time I saw an eee pc, I knew I wanted one. I had serious geeklust. I still haven't got one, but that's mainly because every time I manage to set aside some cash, a newer and better model gets released, and I have to reassess my choice.

Moviestormer warmanivan is way ahead of me. Not only does he already own a netbook, he runs Moviestorm on it. Not just Moviestorm movies - the full application. He popped in to the office the other day to give us a demo (and to let me take some pretty shoddy cameraphone pictures).

Darn it. Now I really, really want one.


luxaeternam said...

I'd go for something a little less basic than the eee pc. I've put Ubuntu on mine, but wouldn't hazard running Moviestorm on it. There are some newer models that seem powerful enough, although fancy graphics like depth of field probably won't be possible.

Ivan Causey said...

i need to get it repaired though
its falling apart

it's a good laptop but not one that someone could use for long time

.........unless they put it on a desk and never moved it