Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Big Brother IS watching you

Here at Moviestorm Towers, we're always striving for greater realism. And as we stroll innocently through the streets of Cambridge, minding our own business, we can't help noticing the way our benevolent rulers and retail environment owners have placed cameras everywhere to keep us safe from the foul miscreants who would destroy our civilisation. It makes us happy to know that our every action is being watched and recorded so that we can prove our innocence should we need to, and it makes us feel good to know that we are doing our bit to help our heroic law enforcement officials in their fight against terrorrorororrism. And we know you feel the same way too.

So here you go. Security cameras. Moving, blinking, and remembering everything you do, just like the real thing. So no more excuses of "I didn't touch anything, it just crashed." We can see your keyboard, so we know you hit the magic CTRL-ALT-7 combination that causes everything to go slow.* And we can see what you're doing while you wait for your movies to render.

They'll be part of the Criminals pack. Which will be out... altogether now... when it's ready!

*Oh come on, don't tell me you actually tried it, did you? You did? Mwahaha!


Unknown said...

Awesome! Are we going to be able to control the movement of the camera?

sisch said...

Hehe, I just wanted to ask the same question!
On another note - the last time I was in Britain, there weren't any cameras on the streets (yeah, it has been quite a while) - then I saw a documentary on TV about it... sometimes it feels quite strange that the utopias of yesteryears science fiction are becoming reality!
Great work, guys - I already have lots of ideas how to use the cams... :)

Will Shetterly said...

Man, if we could get footage through them....

Evan Ryan said...

Oh my god. Very cool, looking forward to it.