Tuesday 10 March 2009

SF in SF

If you're going to GDC09 in San Francisco (March 23-27), the Game Developer's Conference, keep an eye out for Dave, who'll be wandering the halls, searching for interesting people to share a beer with and chat about anything and everything.

Meanwhile, Johnnie and Matt get to go to the annual OCR AS/A Level Media Studies conference in London on March 20, where they will be presenting Moviestorm. You can find out more here and book a place here.

Which means we'll get home in time for a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, while Dave has to spend hours on a plane and hanging around in airports. Oh, the glamour of international travel!


Jorge said...

I was thinking about going to GDC this year, but I have no gamer buddies to go with. :(

If I go, I'll keep an eye out for you Dave, I know some good places in the city we can hit.

You don't mind getting certain things pierced & tattooed at the same time you're eating live snakes on the back of a Harley, do you?

Dave said...

Jorge - that sounds like the perfect embodiment of the California dream :D

Anyone else there or in San Fran and want to meet up, give me a shout. First round is on me.

And yeah I get the grief of international air travel but I do get to hear some of the leading lights of the games industry talking about all sorts of cool stuff. And then I get a week of skiing in Colorado afterwards - result!

Expect me fired up with grand ideas for Moviestorm features when I get back...

Dex said...

How might we new MovieStormers find you at GDC? My partner is a programmer and went to GDC last year; we'd love to meet up with you and buy you a drink to say thanks for the awesome new toy we have in MovieStorm!

- Dex