Monday 2 March 2009

I'm bad, I'm bad, you know it, I'm bad

Now that the Streets bundle has, erm, hit the streets, the next pack going into test* is Criminals, who compliment the kindly, friendly, law-abiding policemen in the Law and Order pack. We've shown you a few sneak peeks before, but today, we've got a first look at the new faces.

Now, as everyone knows, bad guys are always disfigured (except when they're suave British villains played by Alan Rickman), so we've introduced some new morphs. Which means you can give your perps broken noses and the like. Cos then everyone will know they're bad.

*When it's ready. Did you really need to ask?


sisch said...

Oi, they look great! I like that the face look more angular, and the ability to give them broken noses .. great!
Will we get female villains, too? Pretty please!! :)

Rob Chant said...

I'm keen to know what new animations we're going to get with this. I'm hoping for more death sprawls and gunshots! :)