Thursday, 26 February 2009

Fed to the ninjas

One of the great things about working in Cambridge is that there are a lot of really creative companies here, and we regularly meet up at events such as Games Eden. However, it does mean that the place is full of enticements for developers and artists, and sometimes they're just too good to turn down.

So, sadly, it turns out that Ninja Theory, creators of the PS3 hit Heavenly Sword, made three of the Moviestorm team an offer they couldn't refuse. Art Director Mitch Phillips, who worked on the cut scenes for Heavenly Sword, is rejoining Ninja to work on a new super-secret project, and Dave Pajak (head of QA) and Dave Thatcher (tester) are going too.

Left to right: Dave P, Mitch, Dave T

Mitch leaves us at the end of this month, and the two Davids follow at the end of March. They've been great to work with, and we wish them all the very best at Ninja, who are one of the most exciting and cutting edge games companies around.

And if you can hear a strange chanting in the background, it's Dave Lloyd, the First Dave, intoning "There can be only one!"


twak said...

:) good luck guys - ya'll look nicely lobotomized in the photo.

Ivan Causey said...

good luck guys


just saw the game site

thats it i'm getting a PS3

once again good luck