Monday 4 April 2016

Passion Competition 2016

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, the organisers will be post-poning the Passion Competition this year, but expect it to be back again in 2017 ...

We are pleased to be able to offer Moviestorm users the opportunity to enter the latest Passion Competition.

This machinima competition, conceived and generously run by Harb40, and sponsored by Moviestorm, Sony Software and Reallusion is now in it's 9th year.

We are always pleased to see how successful Moviestorm users have been over the years, and we hope and encourage you to keep that going with your entries.  There are some really talented members of this community who could take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your abilities, and we can see more winners such as Godless and Pickman's Model, and runners up such as Remember Me and Dr. Cross 3.

Mini Competition

2016 sees a small change in the Passion Competition.  Currently there is a mini contest running to make a new teaser video for the competition.  Details can be found at the competition forums along with the Moviestorm forums.  $50 cash prizes are available to the winner(s).

Crowd Funding

In order to offer larger cash prizes to go along with the great software in the prize packages, Harb started a crowdfunding campaign to achieve this.  If enough funds are raised, cash prizes of $250 or even $500 can be added to the packages.  Harb says even if you can't donate, please pass on the links to people you know.  There just might be someone close to you that might find it interesting enough to join in.

So please join us in 2016 to make this the best year ever for the Passion Competition.  You can learn more about the competition by going to the official website.


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