Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Moviestorm effects 2: Sepia

Here's the second of the filters that Julian's been working on: a sepia-toned "old movie" style that will be familiar to us all. It was common in pre 1930s movies, and would be good for old-fashioned slapstick comedy, pulp science fiction, or just plain antique styling. The scratches are optional.

Usual disclaimers apply: this is really early dev code, not representative of final quality, and we don't have a release date for it.


Overman said...

Wait, so not only sepia toning, but "old film" effects as well? Or was the "optional scratches" comment a joke?

johnnie said...

No, not a joke. You can add a sepia toning effect to your movie, on top of which you can also add the scratches effect. It's all done directly within Moviestorm (in the Cutting Room View, most likely), and can be rendered out in the same way as any other Moviestorm movie.

We're not sure exactly how much customisation we're going to offer on each of these filters yet. Julian is quite literally writing the filters as I type this, so this is one of the earliest stages of any code we've shown you on the dev blog thus far, and is likely to change significantly before you get to play with it. Even with the stuff I've seen already though, the level of additional customisation and style that this will add to your movies is fantastic.

Anonymous said...
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