Tuesday, 2 June 2009

More new people at Moviestorm

Please join us in welcoming two new members of staff here at Moviestorm Towers.

Paul Kelley is joining Chris in the art team. In the dim and distant past he ran a video games shop, then took time out to travel the world and teach himself to be an artist. He did a stint at Jagex working on Runescape on characters and environments.

Quiz time: One of these is Paul. One of these isn't. You decide...
(There's a really big clue hidden in one of the pictures if you get stuck.

Dave Holloway is following in the long line of Moviestorm QA staff called Dave. A movie nut with a self-confessed penchant for "everything from the debased to the artistically sublime," he's worked in art, design and QA at a number of games companies, most recently Sony.

Dave won't let us take his photo yet because he wants a haircut first, so we'll post a picture of him later. This'll have to do for now. (We warned you, Dave!)

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AngriBuddhist said...

The new Dave is a skinny Hurley?