Monday, 8 June 2009

Jeff gets out the Zie-brush

Moviestorm's been through many incarnations since I did the very first design for it five years ago. Most of them never made it off the drawing board, some stayed firmly in-house, and I think we've shipped three different layouts with different icon styles since our initial pioneers release.

It gets better each time, but we've still not yet found the design that says what we want it to say. We're striving for something that has the ease and accessibility of a game, but is also a functional, powerful tool, with modern styling.

Turns out that Jeff - our CEO - used to be a graphic artist in a former life, so in between all the other myriad jobs that are involved in running this place, he decided to tackle the design himself. This is very much concept work, and all we're doing is experimenting with different styles. We may jettison this and go somewhere completely different, but here's a first look anyway.

With just the new icons in place, Moviestorm feels completely different to use, even though we haven't changed the layout or started on any of the other graphic elements.

It'll take time before we settle on the final design - the only way to do this job is to build it, and then work with it, over and over again, until we decide whether it feels right.


Ivan Causey said...

so the Toilet sign is going to be on its own?

Not with a Star behind it?

oh well

Unknown said...

:-) I suspect that the toilet-sign is likely to revert to a 5-pointed star... I'd like to think that the design direction will be less intrusive, sleeker and allow our users to focus on the content they're making. There are a huge number of moving-parts in the Moviestorm interface - so any feedback on any aspect of our look & feel is useful to me.

AngriBuddhist said...

Hmm. I think that "Toilet sign" is a stretch. It could just as easily be peg people from the game "Life". Anyway, the design looks slick.

Will Shetterly said...

I think there's a strong argument for the "toilet" sign. Old school movie lovers love symbols based on Hollywood, so the star seems appropriate to us, but for new and younger users, something that simply says, "Here are the actors" makes a great icon. It's more intuitive.

One possibility if you keep something like the toilet icon, clicking the male could take us to the male puppetmaker, and the female could take us to the female.

Unknown said...

I like the monochrome colour scheme, but isn't it a departure from the candy colours of the website? I thought that you were trying to get more warm and fuzzy colours into the application. (Although personally, I wish the website adopted the look of this concept rather than vice versa).
I'm pleased to hear you say you want to communicate a sense that this is a functional, powerful tool. My personal opinion is that there are too many round-cornered boxes and dialogues. I think they express friendliness and accessibility, but not precision. I'm especially hoping that the timeline is going to get some serious attention soon.
I do think Jeff's design looks very polished.