Friday, 22 May 2009

Breaking news: Work experience student forced to blog, threatened with no lunchbreak.

It's Rhys' last day with us. To celebrate, we thought we'd give him a treat. We know how much he loves blogging, so we asked him to write another blog post. After some kicking and screaming, and shouts of "You're not the boss of me!", "Yes I am", "Good point, well made", we can finally present Rhys' Work Experience Diary: Week Two.

In Week 2 of working for Moviestorm, its been slightly less ‘hardcore’ and more casual, in a sense. I've spent most of my time making videos for Andrew which may be used as templates for an upcoming Short Fuze project which I'm not allowed to talk about. Oh, and I went to Ipswich for a day with Johnnie to meet with Eddie Duggan – a lecturer at the University Campus Suffolk - and talk to his students using Moviestorm as part of their course.

This week has been a lot less erratic than last week, but certainly still changeable. Working with the latest development build of Moviestorm, often using features which are still being finished, has meant that I sometimes encountered bugs and errors which stopped me doing what I was trying to do. This has been frustrating but also relieving, giving me more time to help out with the website, watch some of the recently uploaded movies and give feedback, and submit feature requests and bugs.

The earlier part of the week involved yet more brain destroying, living with the (apparently dull) life of working in an office. But things started to turn up with my trip to Ipswich - it was very enjoyable, right down to the train ride for an hour and twenty minutes which I feel both destroyed my will of working, and bolstered it. Aye, ‘twas a very philosophical and thought filled journey.

No meetings to speak of this week though, which was a disappointment. The design meeting last week was a big insight into how Short Fuze gets things done (or not done - that’s a mystery which remains to be solved).

Undoubtedly, I have enjoyed this experience; all aspects of it. Perhaps for the fact that I haven’t been in school, or possibly because I feel it’s a glimpse into my future - though hopefully by then we'll have thought-powered computers which will make office life much less of a bore, and internal brain HUDs so I can tweet and (maybe) work at the same time. Damnit man, I’m a student, not an office worker!

I will miss this office. Maybe.

We'll miss you too, Rhys.



Matt Kelland said...

We'll have more new faces for you next week: more slave labour (sorry, work experience student) and a much needed newcomer to the QA department.

Kate Fosk said...

I'm sure it will have been a useful experience one way or the other. My son's week on a banana stall inspired him to look for something he loves doing, rather than just getting a job

Rob Chant said...

I did a week at WHSmith for work experience. That was enough work for me to last the rest of my life. I've not had a 'proper' job since.