Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Moviestorm, Heel!

Earlier, Kate said she was hoping that "spikes" meant high heels, not spiky hair. As it happens, we already have a reasonable selection of high heels available in the existing Moviestorm content packs. Try these for size. Most of them are customisable too, so if you prefer Barbie pink to the tasteful colours we've picked here, then you go right ahead. We won't judge you. Barbie pink can be very nice in the right context, I'm sure.

OK, so they may not be the highest of high heels, but they're as high as I'd ever wear. But that's quite enough about my secret past in the Rocky Horror Show. Ahem. Maybe I should go with a different reference.

OK, so they may not be the highest of high heels, but I know I wouldn't want anyone stomping on my hands wearing these. That's not really much better, is it?

I think I'd better get back to work.


Kate Fosk said...

Oooh I missed those, thank you Matt!

Will Shetterly said...

You need pictures like those in the store!

Ben Sanders said...

1 Glamour Dress - SongContest (Open Mic)
2 Dress (Knee) - Wardrobe01
3 Dress (Knee) - Wardrobe01
4 Dress Knee Length Black - Wardrobe02
5 RnB 01 - MusicVideo02
6 Juliet - Wardrobe01

Matt Kelland said...

Post updated so you can see what packs they come from. With linky goodness too!

DavidB said...

I wonder what asset goodness is still hidden in those packs? Perhaps a competition for 'most surprising asset in a dramatic situation?'

Kate Fosk said...

I have these packs! Good idea to feature certain assets from time to time

Matt Kelland said...

Good idea - maybe we'll start doing that.