Monday, 29 September 2008

The wheels on the bus

Dave's been playing with vehicles.

OK, it's not a bus. It's a mini. Well spotted.

The wheels go round and round, and they turn with the car. The car even banks as it goes round corners. And it's dead easy to control. Plonk the car down where you want it, move the timeline to when you want the next waypoint to be, and drag the car there, then hey presto, it vrooms along nicely. (Well, it'll vroom when we add in the sound effects. Till then you'll have to make your own vroomy noises, or grab freebies off the Net.)

We've exaggerated the banking on this clip slightly so that it looks more cinematic. When we were designing this feature, we opted not to go for "realistic" game physics or actual car physics modelling. The idea is to make the vehicles look good on the screen, not make them fun/challenging to drive, or behave like real cars. As a film director I want to choose how a car behaves, and in RealFilm, I'd spend money modifying a car's suspension to get the effect I was after. So, when we've finished writing it, you'll be able to control the behaviour and make them corner perfectly smoothly or career around wildly, regardless of their actual speed, just by playing with a slider.

What's that? You want to know the release date? Oh, come on, you should know me better than that by now!


Kate Fosk said...

Hooray!! Is is great. Of of course my next question is When:)


Satscape said...

Every action movie should have a car chase. Stop playing Dave, and give us a go !

Alianne said...

Good work. The 4wd parts look nice.