Tuesday 9 September 2008

Sneak peek at some sneak peeks

It's been a while...

So we've cleared away the tumbleweeds from Moviestorm Mansions, rounded up our minions from where they were hiding, and interrogated them about what they've been doing for the last six weeks. Turns out they haven't all been sitting on the beach sipping pina coladas after all. They've actually been doing stuff.
  • The art team have gone and built a US election pack which will be released imminently - see the first test movie here
  • Julian has been prepping the codebase for multi-lingual support
  • Mark's been making people walk up and down stairs
  • Dave's been playing with cars and screen-spaced ambient occlusion (as seen in Far Cry 2)
  • Synnah has been working on new sounds
  • Johnnie's made a whole bunch of tutorial videos, which will be out any time now
  • Lisa and Ben have added some funky new features to the Web site which you should see in a week or so
Stay tuned for more detailed info on these during the week.

And me? I've been swanning round the place promoting Moviestorm, organising a film festival, and shooting test movies. And sitting on the beach sipping pina coladas. Well, someone had to...


Kate Fosk said...

Stairs, ooh! (Kate)

equinoxx said...

Stairs AND cars! Yowza!

(Oh, and a couple huzzahs for ambient occlusion, too!)

AngriBuddhist said...

It all sounds great but I can't help but wonder, what happens once they get to the top of the stairs?

Matt Kelland said...

@angribuddhist - you do like they do in low-budget TV studios and cut to a new set ;)