Friday, 12 September 2008

Wind in the Willows

Here's a little something for you that we didn't mention in the sneak peeks earlier this week, mainly because Dave didn't tell us he was doing it until last night.

Yep, they're swaying in the breeze. Not much, but just enough to stop them looking like plastic models.

Pretty, isn't it?


AngriBuddhist said...

That's very very nice Dave. Please tell me that it's simply "prop animations", it doesn't break MS, and doesn't have a kajillion kinks to work out before it's ready. :)

Overman said...

Woo, lovely!

Dave said...

Angri - it's good to go in the next release. It's actually done as a vertex animation on the GPU (so won't work without shaders I'm afraid) and consequently doesn't slow things down at all!

Later I'll be adding some environmental controls for wind speed, gustiness etc. Later... ;-)