Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Obamastorm and John McMovie

From our little island hide-away off the coast of Europe, we're watching with interest as our American brethren choose the next Leader Of The Free World, and we figured you'd like to be able to express your views through movies, whether serious or satirical, Republican or Democrat. This isn't as sneaky a peek as the other things I mentioned yesterday: we've already pre-released the Election pack to our pioneers, and we've put the first test movie out on YouTube and elsewhere.

The pack includes Obama and McCain (obviously), plus a load of useful props and set items: a 3D map of the US, lecterns, a debate stage floor, stage curtains, banners and flags, a press chair, dollar bills, an oil pump, and various logos and seals.

Of course, although we're called it an "election pack" right now (because it's topical and helps our Google rankings), it'll still be useful afterwards for all your vituperative political blogging needs. You'll have the President (well, unless by some miracle Ralph Nader wins, of course!) and some useful locations, and who knows, maybe the loser will go on to become a respected figure in the scientific community and win an Oscar for a documentary?

Release date: when QA say it's good to go!

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Ash Mcgonigal said...

Are those...fat guys?