Tuesday, 15 January 2008

What I still hate about Christmas

So, throughout the world, the Christmas tree has been put back in its box, the lights are packed away in the attic, and all evidence of the Winter Festivities are vanished. Except for one small corner of East Anglia, where, in a darkened, soundproof room, Christmas is still very much alive and kicking.

As if they hadn't had enough of Christmas already, our judging panel are now locked away poring over your entries for the "What I Hate About Christmas" competition. We're shovelling left-over mince pies through the letter-box into the judging room, making them wear silly hats out of crackers, piping Frosty the Snowman through concealed speakers in the walls, and we're not letting them out again until they choose a winner.

We'll let you know later this week if they manage to come to a unanimous decision.

1 comment:

johnnie said...

The judges have indeed now reached a unanimous decision. Expect a winners-related announcement very soon.