Tuesday, 29 January 2008


I had the sudden realization that I'm the only person on the dev/doc team that hasn't written a book. It makes me feel humble to be in the presence of such great minds as the authors of:

Machinima - Dave Lloyd & Matt Kelland

Machinima for Dummies -Johnnie Ingram & Hugh Hancock (send us your pic Hugh!)

3D world (regular contributions) - Chris Ollis

Actually looking at that lot, I'm quite glad I havn't written a book. I think I might even stop writing my diary - just in case ;)


johnnie said...

From the company IM chatter, just after this post went live ...

[11:18:16] Julian says: ah well, I suppose I should allow you the use of "orientated" in the title (which is actually "oriented")
[11:19:07] twak says: heh... (*thats* why i havn't written a book)
[11:19:20] Julian says: attention to derail
[11:19:35] twak says: fixed

Kate Fosk said...

Attention to derail is very important lol

lucindamc123 said...

Well Twak, in a way you have written a book. This little blog was a how to about how to post a comment on a blog and I learned something I didn't know. Impressed though will all the published books by everyone.

twak said...

The beeb copied us! ;)