Monday, 21 January 2008

Frank talks Moviestorm

The upcoming 3-day 24/7 DIY Video Summit at the USC School of Cinematic Arts promises to be a rather prestigious event, with speakers including Lawrence Lessig, founder of Creative Commons; and Fred von Lohmann of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. On Sunday February 9, there’s a 90-minute workshop on making machinima, in which Moviestorm will take centre stage.

“The goal of this workshop is to help participants gain first-hand experience with the skills needed to create a short machinima. We will be using the Moviestorm software package to teach concepts of set design, character concepting, scene layout, and storytelling. Through active engagement and succinct tutorials, visitors will soon be able to grasp the basics, film a short movie, and learn about how to further their interactions with the online machinima community.”

The session was due to be given by Paul “Thinking MachinimaMarino, but he’s had to pull out. Instead, it’s due to be helmed by one of our longest-standing and most experienced users, Frank L. Fox, aka FLeeF of Fling Films, who you may know as the creator of such movies as The Internet, You Am A Winners! What I Hate! and Morning Run Amok.

Frank’s the one on the left.

I gather the workshop is pretty much packed out, but if you are going, let us know what it was like. Oh – and good luck, Frank!

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