Monday 12 May 2008

The Moviestorm surgery team

When we wrote the job description for Moviestorm programmers, "cosmetic surgeon" wasn't one of the required life skills. As you can see, Mark probably shouldn't be let loose with a real woman and a scalpel. (To be fair, that's probably true of most people, not just Mark.) So, putting aside any considerations as to whether this constitutes an improvement in the beauty stakes, here's the first look at the head morph tools. These aren't different meshes, they're the same mesh after undergoing Mark's tender ministrations.

She's had quite a lengthy procedure, with surgery lasting, oooh, maybe two whole minutes. Changed chin, nose job, eyebrow lift, altered cheekbones and even - though you can hardly see it in this shot - ears pulled back.

Now we need to tweak our head models to use the new morphing technology, and then we can get an actual artist to create some good-looking shots and show off what you'll be able to do. I'm just hoping I can make a Danny Trejo type character - as Robert Rodriguez says, "he's got a face for hi-definition"!

What's that you say? When's it going to be released? Sssshhhh! When QA says it's ready, that's when. Don't ask me. Dick Swayze has the Power.


equinoxx said...

Where treads Danny Trejo, can Cheech Marin be far behind? This will be an epic addition to an already outstanding tool.

Spong3y said...

Cool! I've been waiting for face morphing to come out!

LMAO at Danny Trejo XD