Thursday 1 May 2008

Moviestorm goes Eurovision

Last week we showed you Ben's little clip of the new singing animations. This week, we're proud to present Layla's test clip of what has to be the most garish performance arena ever.

That's not green screen or post-production. Those flashing lights on the floors and walls and the overhead thingies are all Moviestorm. (We've got pink ones and blue ones and purple ones too.)

In my mind, I'm hearing 1990s Eastern European entries for the Eurovision song contest, and really wishing I wasn't. That's got to be worse than hearing Tom Jones singing Delilah. Hasn't it? I'm now also seriously wishing I hadn't just publicly confessed to knowing what 1990s Eurovision songs sounded like.

Listen, I won't be watching it this year, I really, really won't. Not even if someone comes over on May 24 with several bottles of cheap wine and a huge bag full of snacks. Oh, now look what you made me do, Layla! Lordi were cool, OK?


Overman said...

Ooo, animated textures? Or some other method? Nice effect.

Synnah said...

Scrolling UVs! Twak put them in place for the Sci-Fi pack, so you'll probably be seing a lot of them in future.