Thursday 15 May 2008

moviestorm vcs - 10K commits

The 10,000 (or 10K or 10^4) commit to our code/data repository happened over lunch.

Was slightly disappointed by the lack of balloons. But it proves, once and for all, who the best coder is. It was even a legitimate commit, not just to grab the top spot ;)

We keep all our changes in a big repository (SVN) so we can see each other's changes and blame them when things go wrong. Ten thousand sets of changes have been added since it started at the end of July 06.


Matt Kelland said...

Look closely. Can you see one person in particular bumping the commit count up rapidly between 12:43 and 12:58?

Kate Fosk said...

I have absolutely no idea what either of you are on about, Kate.

twak said...

yes...but...but...the last one was honest. Twas a fix I did for Julian while he was watching me :)

@kate - yes it's strange, it's just an arbitrary line in the sand we've just crossed. (Interestingly enough it also lets us put a dollar value on 1000 commits...)

Kate Fosk said...

I will buy you some balloons.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your 10K.

I highly recommend pointing an analysis tool at your repository. On previous projects of similar size, I've found that running statCVS tends to work without much set-up hassle, and allows all kinds of interesting / amusing discoveries: who makes the most dawn hours commits, who commits atomically versus who works for a week before changing the world, and who deletes the most code (always the most valuable refactoring!)

I'm assuming that statSVN is a similarly fine beast, although I haven't tried it.