Thursday, 15 May 2008

Aren't you the new bloke?

We know artists are always reticent to show anyone what they're working on until it's completely finished, so we waited until Xav wasn't looking and grabbed a few work-in-progress shots of the upcoming male heads. These are the 3DS Max versions of the new heads, not the final Moviestorm versions, but they give you a reasonably good idea of where we're going. (They come out quite big if you click on them, and you can really see how they're constructed.)

Here we have the young black male, both with and without textures...

... and this is an older male, prior to texturing.

And here's a white male with different textures. If you look closely, the top shot shows you some of Mitch's annotations suggesting minor changes to Xav's initial version.

With luck, we'll get you a few screenshots of these guys on-set next week, and you can see exactly what they'll look like in your movies.

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twak said...

wow - looks great