Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Moviestorm Education 2013 Updates

We are delighted to announce the release of the Moviestorm Education 2013 updates. You can download Unlimited or Junior builds, for Mac or PC by clicking on the following links:

Moviestorm Unlimited (PC) - http://cloud.moviestorm.co.uk/download-1.5/Moviestorm_Windows_Education_Unlimited_1.5.4.exe

Moviestorm Junior (PC)
- http://cloud.moviestorm.co.uk/download-1.5/Moviestorm_Windows_Education_Junior_1.5.4.exe

Moviestorm Unlimited (Mac)http://cloud.moviestorm.co.uk//download-1.5/Moviestorm_Mac_Education_Unlimited_1.5.4.dmg

Moviestorm Junior (Mac)
- http://cloud.moviestorm.co.uk/download-1.5/Moviestorm_Mac_Education_Junior_1.5.4.dmg

If you have a current Moviestorm Education license, please feel free to download the new updates and benefit from the enhanced performance, new functionality and additional content. 

There are installation guidelines here - http://support.moviestorm.co.uk/kb/technical/updating-moviestorm-education-versions

- When installing, please be attentive to the user's mods which reside in the Addons folder.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact support.team@moviestorm.co.uk

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