Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Moviestorm launch on IGGY

Moviestorm are very pleased to announce our launch on IGGY, a new social network created by the University of Warwick designed to encourage gifted 13-18 year olds to realise their full potential. IGGY is a paid for service, but has committed to offering free memberships to disadvantaged students.  IGGY members can access a number of helpful educational resources, learn independently, and collaborate with other gifted young people across the globe.

“It is firmly in line with our aspirations to get Moviestorm into the hands of a creative and talented student user base at the critical 13 to 18 year old age range. We look forward to working with IGGY to engage their community via film-based experiences that support media studies and cross curricular learning” said Andrew Kennedy, CEO of Moviestorm.

“Moviestorm is a fast, fun and flexible tool and we are excited to see how our members will use it across all of our subject areas. It will encourage IGGY members to develop modern communication skills, express themselves in new ways, improve their media literacy – and simply enjoy making their own films” said Adrian Hall, Managing Director of IGGY.

A Moviestorm download is completely free for IGGY members. For more information about IGGY please click on the following link:  

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