Monday 14 June 2010

That's not fair!

I just had my regular weekly catch-up session with Johnnie, where I get to find out about what's being worked on this week. We were talking about the face morphs, and he told me "I really should send you a video of the faces being morphed in the character shop in real time. You're going to love it."

So I made the appropriate excited noises, and then he said, "I could actually have sent you something last week, but we all know that as soon as you see what we're doing, you're going to put it on the dev blog, and we won't be able to stop you. And it's not ready yet, so we're going to hold off for a few more days."

So there you go. You can all share my pain.

You'll see the new stuff about 15 minutes after I do.

But apparently you're going to love it.


Killian said...

Goddamnit, Matt!

Talk about teasing!! :-)

Unknown said...

I'm feeling your pain Matt!

Anonymous said...
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