Wednesday, 16 June 2010

More tantalizing hints

You can glean a lot about what's going on from the feed of the updates committed to the main Moviestorm codebase: here's just a few entries from today:
  • Revision 23995 Committed by amos_willbond: - Updated icons for morph regions (character shop).
  • Revision 23996 Committed by amos_willbond: - Further changes to morph area icons (character shop)
  • Revision 24001 Committed by chris_ollis: - Extra face textures for morph male
  • Revision 24012 Committed by ben_sanders: - Mouth height separated, and full morphs added
  • Revision 24013 Committed by ben_sanders: - Added blood and blemishes to the skin detail
  • Revision 24014 Committed by ben_sanders: - Beards added
  • Revision 24015 Committed by ben_sanders: - Copied beard thumbs from core
The new character workshop is definitely taking shape!


Matt Kelland said...

Who can come up with the most amusing suggestions for what was in revisions 24002 to 24011? ;)

AngriBuddhist said...

Revision 24002 Committed by ben_sanders:-Big Head Mode added

Revision 24003 Committed by chris_ollis:-Foreskin's Invisible to Camera icon added