Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Christmas, everyone, see you in 2010!

Woah, what a totally crazy week that was! We shipped you:
And we managed to squeeze in a Christmas party! We've got one more little thing we're aiming to get out of the door before everyone takes their winter holiday, but otherwise, that's us pretty much done until 2010.

Thanks for all your support during the year. It's been busy as hell, but the difference between what we have now and what we had at the start of 2009 with is amazing. There's always more we would have liked to do, and there's already plenty on the schedule for 2010. And thanks most of all for all your feedback, here and in the forums - it's really good to know how you feel about what we do.

Happy holidays, everyone - make something cool so we can see it when we get back!

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