Tuesday 15 December 2009

Pre-Christmas Moviestorm mayhem

With just a few more working days before we all take a Christmas break, we're aiming to ship a whole bunch of stuff out to you very soon indeed.
  • Moviestorm - mostly a patch release, addressing a few bugs. It's mainly little things, but the main issue is that text to speech should now work properly. You should get that any time now.
  • GreetingStorm - along the same lines as Photostorm. This'll be free, for now, and includes the Christmas outfits - just in time for the Christmas competition!
  • Female Monsters - this will be a real squeeze, but we're going to try and get this out to you if we possibly can.
  • Content rental - we're aiming to get a first version of this running by the end of the week. It may be a little unpolished, but it would be good to get some early feedback from you.
And we're still working on the PayPal / Amex / Visa issues. Sadly, they're not proving at all straightforward to fix.

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