Wednesday 15 December 2010

Stormileaks: Operation Groundswell

Partial transcript of a phone call between Cambridge and Florida. Released with minor redactions.
Date: 13 December 2010
CB: Moviestorm Command Headquarters, Cambridge, England
FL: Moviestorm Propaganda Unit One, Orlando, Florida

CB: [indecipherable]
FL: Operation Groundswell? Isn't that the super-secret project you've been working on since late 2008?
CB: Correct. We're putting it back into active status with immediate effect.
FL: If I recall the briefing correctly, this would give you the power to raise or lower the ground simply by pressing a single button.
CB: [indecipherable]
FL: Isn't that too much power to be putting into the hands of ordinary people? They could create giant hills or rolling sand dunes? How would actors be able to move around without falling down or experiencing interdimensional clashes like last time? Terrain modification is dangerous stuff.
CB: We've thought of that. We'll simultaneously be deploying WST. [Note: this is believed to be Walking on Slopes Technology, an experimental process that enables actors to free themselves from the constraints of flat surfaces.] We've got the prototype code from [redacted] and we just need to [indecipherable].
FL: When do we expect first test results?
CB: Operations will commence as soon as the primary dev team have left the office for Christmas holidays. It's safer that way. With luck, we'll have achieved basic stability by the time they return.
FL: And when do we anticipate full external deployment of Groundswell?
CB: That depends on the preliminary test results. Assuming it's non-hazardous, early in 2011. If things don't go as planned, we'll just mothball it again until it's safe for another attempt, and ensure nobody finds out about it.
FL: [indecipherable]
CB: Let's hope not.
[Transmission ends]
This information is presented for the benefit of the public, and not for commercial gain. We have many more of these transcripts, and will release them if Moviestorm continue to withhold information.

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