Thursday, 9 December 2010

New patch out today

The patch formerly known as is now live. It's now called the Starter Movies Update for reasons that have a lot to do with the underlying code structure of Moviestorm and which bits have actually been updated. As always, just start Moviestorm and it'll get the update for you automatically.

We've made some important changes to the launcher that probably won't be obvious to you, but which will resolve some really annoying issues that have been affecting some people.
  • Moviestorm is now better at detecting when a patch has failed to download, and will retry the download correctly after a restart.
  • There's a clearer 'Moviestorm is locked!' warning message (when there might be another copy of Moviestorm running).
  • And lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Moviestorm will recognise when a subscription's details have been updated, and allow the user to use the updated subscription immediately.
There's also the new Shut Eyes & Open Eyes gestures we mentioned the other day, and we've fixed some issues with female nose morphs.

The biggest part of the update is a selection of new starter movies, depending on what packs you have:
  • The Safe* & The Mob (Criminals)
  • Dead Walking (Halloween 2009)
  • Doin' The Deed (Miami Beachfront)
  • Galaxy Voyage (Sci-Fi)
  • The Big Day (Wardrobe 02)
*Created by Jorge Campos, aka act3scene24

That should be it for this year. The next scheduled update will be 1.4.2 (unless we rename it The One With The Sword Stuff In), due for release in January 2011.

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