Tuesday 13 October 2009

Three axes at once? Why not!

Occasionally I get some nice surprises playing round with pre-release code. I stumble over odd little things that someone fixed in an idle moment and then completely forgot about by the time we assemble the final version.

Like this, which I found earlier today.
That little link symbol, which has magically appeared on the smoke customiser*, means you can now resize width, height and depth simultaneously. Click it to link the three axes, and click it again to unlink them. You get the same on the flame boxes too.

That made me smile. It's little tiny details like this which are making Moviestorm ever easier to use.

*Requires special effects pack.


Overman said...

New rule: No blog posts with the word "axes" in the title for the duration of this unstable economy. I ended up reading it as the plural of an entirely different word employed as metaphor, and thought, "Well, he's sure being glib about it, isn't he?"

While we're at it, let's avoid "sack" in any verb tense as well.


Overman said...

And redundant!

Matt Kelland said...

It was a blatant attempt on my part to drum up extra traffic from Google by drawing in tomahawk juggling fans. Marvel at my ninja SEO skillz!