Thursday, 22 October 2009

Best laid plans... hiccup

The office net connection has been down for the last three hours, just as we were in the final stages of making the release.

British Telecom are looking into the problem now, but we can't do the release until the net's back, and it's completely out of our hands. It may well be a problem at the exchange, in which case they probably won't fix it until 2am when there's less phone traffic. As a result, there's a good chance the release will be delayed until tomorrow. We'll keep you informed: if the worst comes to the worst, we'll take our kit and the QA team to Dave's house tomorrow, set up a temporary office there, and do everything from his spare room.

It'll be like the old days, back when there were just three of us... except with more of us.

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Matt Kelland said...

We still have no net, so release is definitely delayed till Friday 23 October.