Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Changing Moviestorm memory allocation in 1.1.7

If your computer is above the minimum spec (and you have at least 2GB of memory), you may want to increase the memory available to Moviestorm, so that it's less likely to run out of memory. You may hit memory problems if you're making big movies or if you have a lot of content packs.

Possible symptoms of Moviestorm running out of memory:
- Significant slowdown after using Moviestorm for a while, or when going to the Cutting Room.
- 'Error switching scene' messages when loading or changing scenes.

Please note: If you've already changed in version 1.1.6, that won't help you with 1.1.7. You now need to do this instead.

First, ensure your Moviestorm install is updated to 1.1.7 or later.

Find the install directory for Moviestorm (C:/Program Files/Moviestorm General Release, if you went with the default).
From that folder, open the file Moviestorm.l4j.ini in a text editor (such as Notepad).
Edit the following line:
Using much more than 1024M will probably cause problems with Moviestorm, so it is a sensible maximum.

Use Finder to find Applications/Moviestorm 1.1
Right click (or control click) the application and select 'Browse Contents', and look in the Contents folder
Open info.plist in the Properties List Editor
Expand the java tab
In the VMOptions property, find the bit that says -Xmx512M or -Xmx256M
Change the default to -Xmx1024M


Ricky Lee Grove said...

Excellent tip. Thank you! And good luck with the release. Everything running smoothly with my upgrade.

IceAxe said...

Thanks for info, just one thing... what is the name of the file to be edited? Thanks!

Dave said...

Oops - the file you're looking for is Moviestorm.l4j.ini

Matt Kelland said...

Oops indeed! Edited.