Wednesday, 21 October 2009 set for launch

We're currently putting the patch through its final tests, and it's all looking good. Barring fire, tempest, flood, or Eagle-Eye Holloway spotting something horrific, we'll upload it to our servers tonight when we leave the office, and you'll be able to get it tomorrow after we've verified that it uploaded properly.

Eagle-Eye Holloway is watching YOU!


  • SNOW LEOPARD (MacOSX 10.6) USERS are strongly recommended to reinstall Moviestorm in order to benefit from significant performance improvements. Please note also that the NVIDIA Cg Toolkit has a different installation process under Snow Leopard.
  • Please note that some modders' content will need to be republished before being used in Moviestorm.

Resolved issues

  • Old movies with character "Place Here" commands outside of the floor mesh now load and playback correctly.
  • Facial expressions now work correctly.
  • Placing doors on the set will no longer be disabled if content packs are missing from the user's library.
  • Character library stays on screen after closing the shortcut key help panel.
  • The Weather special effect now works in the Camerawork & Cutting Room Views without distorting the camera view.
  • Deleting a "Place Here" command now updates subsequent waypoints correctly.
  • Walking on rugs works again.
  • Updated preview thumbnails for various costume and heads.
  • Finally added Tari Akpodiete to the credits (sorry Tari!)

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