Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Farewell, Ben Garrett

We're sad to see the unexpected and imminent departure of our long-serving sysadmin, Ben Garrett.* Ben's been with us more or less since we started Moviestorm, but has now decided to move on to pastures new.

Ben's been responsible for creating and running many of the bits of Moviestorm you don't see - the user registration system, the content licensing, the online store, the back end of the Web site, and all the underlying databases and servers.

We're hoping to have a new sysadmin really soon - we are, after all, based in Cambridge, which is home to a large concentration of first-rate IT staff - but in the meantime, bear with us through any Web-related hiccups.

We wish Ben well.

*No, not "Beardy" Ben Sanders. He's still with us.


IceAxe said...

So long Ben - good luck for the future!

Unknown said...

Best of luck to you, Ben!

Kate Fosk said...

Ben has been around since early beta, and will be missed. Where did he go? -Kate

BenG said...

Thanks for those kind comments!

I'm going to be giving my wife the time to develop her own little business by looking after the kids! I'll hopefully be doing some part-time and/or contract work too.

I'll miss the Moviestorm team and wish them well, although I won't miss my fortnightly commute from Devon.

The Moviestorm community are an amazing group of talented people, and I'll be keeping a watchful eye on the movies page!