Tuesday 22 September 2009

Anime Alex joins Short Fuze

Please say hi to the newest member of the Moviestorm crew, intern Alex Gowland. (No, not Alex Garland, who wrote The Beach and Sunshine. We can't afford him.) Our Alex is a self-confessed anime freak from Hartlepool with a degree in media production. He's also an artist and designer, and has ambitions to direct a video game that will, in his own words, "dwarf Final Fantasy".

Clearly the boy has talent and ambition, which is why we put him to work in QA. That'll learn him. He'll also be helping Andrew with a super-secret Short Fuze project currently in development, but he's got to take his licks as the QA whipping boy for a while before we let him loose on the fun stuff.

Apparently Alex enjoys cooking as well. That's good. We know who to turn to when we need someone to make late-night Pot Noodles for the dev team.


Unknown said...

Hey there alex, glad to see short fuze add more to their team.

Oh and whats with this top secret stuff? Come on you can tell me, I wont tell anyone else :D

IceAxe said...

"dwarf Final Fantasy" - all this ambition is becoming a nasty hobbit.

OK. Let me try again.

Stick him in QA and show him gnome mercy.

Whatever. Good luck with Short Fuze Alex.

Joel Lovell said...

Ok, you KNOW you can go saying something about a super secret project without giving us even a LITTLE hint as to what it is~!


Joel Lovell said...

Oh, and congrats Alex.